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General Questions

Woohoo, I love making new friends. Hola at us via our contact us page. I will get back to you within 48 hours; to organise a discovery call to get the down-low on your project. I’ll then send you a proposal, and once accepted, we will send you the commencement invoice and contract.

A 50% deposit on all projects before commencement, this is so we can schedule you into the creative calendar.

Hell Yes! We are a worldly bunch, so distance is never an issue. We work with local, interstate and international brands and businesses. As long as you have internet access, we are good to go.

We require a 50% deposit before we start work on your project or retainer work. Once the nitty-gritty payment stuff is complete, we’ll schedule a start date for your project with our kick-ass creatives. We will invoice the remainder of the project during the final stages of the project. We will hand over all final design work on the settlement of your final invoice.

Depending on the scale of your project, we are all ears in discussing payments payment plans that suit both parties. The terms generally work on a monthly payment throughout a certain period. 

Why do you require a deposit to start a project?
We are a small creative collective, so our designers are jam-packed with getting creative for clients. So we plan ahead to ensure no one misses out. Your deposit and signed contract tells us we’re ready to roll and get the creative juices flowing. It also ensures your placement into our studio project timeline.

Direct Deposit and bank transfers are our jam. Once your payment has cleared, we will slot you into our studio timeline and get the ball rolling on the fun stuff.


A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. It is a graphic which identifies your brand or business. It can be made up of images, motifs, or typographic elements. 

Your visual brand identity is a more holistic perspective of how your customers experience the brand. Your visual identity incorporates your logo as well as image styling, tone of voice, colour palettes, font suits and icons or design elements.

While a logo is only a small, simple mark, a brand includes a bunch of visual elements to make up your visual language. Your brand persona should shine at every single touch-point of your customers’ journey with your brand.

A style guide or a brand bible encompasses all the elements that make up your brand identity.

The design concept stage is where our creative wizards dream up to 3 concepts for your project. The concept stage is where we do the creative thinking to flesh out different designs or different creative directions best suited to your brand vision. You will then choose your favourite concept to develop from the options we present to you.

Once we narrow down the concepts and the direction of the project, it’s time for us to get tweaking to perfect your design. A revision is a change or variation to an in-progress or existing design concept, typically tweaking less than ¼ of the design. Alterations to a concept can involve changes to colour or shapes, typography, graphic elements and proportions without changing the design concept itself.

A new design concept is not a revision, this would be an addition to the project, and would need to be estimated separately, in addition to the current project estimate.

Our project scope generally allows for up to 3 rounds of revisions, unless stated otherwise.

In other words, one round for us is actioning all your feedback to present you with an updated version of your design or concept. To make the most of each round, make sure you gather all your thoughts and feedback into one clear document or email. Then we can implement all your feedback in one hit and present you with the updated concept for you to review, and love!

A well-developed style guide and brand bible is a kick-ass tool for establishing brand identity. It is a go-to handbook for the brand on how to visually represent and position the brand voice. We call it a bible because it’s an awesome asset for creating consistent, on-brand content. A brand bible helps content creators communicate a consistent message to your audience that reflects your brand persona and identity.


A responsive website adapts its design to any screen size or device. In short, your website will instinctively shrink to the right size depending on the device it is being viewed on, whether mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet. 

These days Google ranks mobile-friendly websites above non-mobile-friendly websites in the search results. So it’s super important to design responsive websites so you don’t get shunned by Google.

Ohh, and yes, all our websites are responsive. We test your site across all devices to ensure super sleek usability. So don’t stress; we design to help google crawl using the best practice SEO standards. 

Do I need to provide all content and images before you start designing my website? Yes, please. Content is king! The full scope so our creative minds can design sleek website layouts that turn your raw content into a brilliantly designed wonderland.

All elements on your website must be considered, from the text you want in specific spaces to the images you want to be included. It’s all about laying out content to create a seamless journey for your audience when visiting your site. The aim is to get the user to their destination without aimlessly wandering around in the cyber world, digging themselves a digital rabbit hole.

Yes indeed. Our word geeks will write content in your brand tone of voice using keywords and the most current SEO considerations. We are wizards at writing content that stays consistent with your brand or business’s identity and story.

Find out more about our content writing here.

We’ve got your back on this. Once the project is complete, we will walk you through the ‘how to’s of your brand-spanking-new site. This service is for our clients only, so we do not offer general WordPress or Shopify support. But we can definitely point you in the right direction for some awesome online tutorials. Pretty much anything you need to know can be found by a quick google. Shopify also has an awesome support forum and online chat so you can talk one-on-one with your new mate to help guide you through any concerns.

Yes, we are completely transparent and work collaboratively with all our clients. During the development, our developers need the ability to be footloose and fancy-free across the backend of your site. So even though you can always access your backend, we will ask that during the build you don’t go in and have a fandango play around without us knowing. When refreshing an already existing website, we will build the new site as a separate ‘beta’ version,  meaning you have full access to your current backend. So edit away until we are ready to unleash your sleek new website to the world. 

Once we meet our super-high standards and all web development testing is complete, we’ll hand over the keys so you can make any changes to your pages and blog posts. 

If you need coding based adjustments somewhere down the road, hola at us and we can help. Keep in mind that an hourly rate applies for Ad-hoc work.

You most certainly can. We want you to be able to update your website with ease, so you aren’t tearing out your hair with frustration. That’s why we build all of our sites with a user-friendly content management system (CMS). CMS is software that stores all your website content and easily enables you to edit, organise, and publish new content. It is super easy to manage, and you don’t need to be an IT or coding genius to manage your CMS.

We don’t offer ongoing SEO services. However, our team of highly-skilled designers have been trained in creating clean coded SEO optimised websites. From the design to the coding and development stages of your website build, we implement up-to-date best-practice search engine optimisation (SEO). We strategically design elements like menu hierarchy, font sizes, content placement and page lengths to help google crawl your site. Google changes its mind on a daily basis, so we do our best to stay in the know and keep ’em crawling through your website. Shopify and WordPress have some nifty little plugins to help you with SEO, such as Yoast for WordPress. We can help you set this up, researching keywords, so you have a starting point for things like microdata. This will be an additional stage and cost to our website project.

Beyond initial set up we do not offer ongoing SEO services. However, we have a few SEO strategist pals we highly recommend to help assist you in digging deep into the wonderful world of SEO.


We are not in the printing business; we are all about design, so our prices do not include printing your artwork or publication. However, we have a small lineup of printers we love to work with, so we can happily source paper stock and printing options for you. We will charge a small account management fee for sourcing and liaising with printers.

Indeed we can. Our graphics designers love to source paper stock and finishes. We have a niche lineup of printers that we love; they offer a diverse range of options, including eco-friendly inks and stock options as well as speciality finishes.

We will present you with up to 3 quotes for printing and finishes, including our recommendations, then the choice is yours. We charge a small account management fee for sourcing and liaising with printers.

No one likes blurry and pixelated imagery, unless that the look you’re going for. We request you provide us with 300 dpi imagery because this is the print standard. In a nutshell, high res images will keep images sharp and not blurry and pixelated. 

We’ll know if you send us imagery that has been taken from www land. Then we will ask you to resupply because that’s not how we roll, we want your project to be quality!

Yes-sir-ey. We need to see what we are working with so our designers can work their magic and create some awesome print design.

You will need to provide us with all final content, high res images, any logos or designs assets (in high res or eps formats).

If you are unsure, we can take a look at your assets and make recommendations for we start designing.

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