If you like being naked,we'll get along.

Butt Naked Body is a Melbourne based socially responsible skincare brand. A full body of creative from concept to conception, bringing to life their brand identity by identifying their core values and translating this into engaging visuals and tone of voice.

We created a digital strategy that focuses on data, analytics and UX friendly design to deliver a responsive highly engaging, google friendly and SEO savvy website that now brings 40% more organic and direct traffic to their site, in turn concerting more sales.


Brand strategy
Art direction + campaign development
UX web design + development
Packaging + print design
Digital + traditional marketing
Content writing
Social media growth
Lead generation


100% performance

Best Practice
100% performance

Site performance 
80% desktop | 60% mobile

UX design

40% increase
in organic/direct traffic

10% decrease
in bounce rates

Lead gen. & growth

+20 new accounts
in 2 months including
David Jones and The Iconic

Instagram Followers
in 1 month


BNBs brand colours reflect their values of an eco and socially conscious beauty brand. The colour palette is bold yet modest encapturing nature, fun, and diversity.

logo design Melbourne






Less worry.More naked.

We’re naked in our ambition. In our creative mojo. In our intentions. And in our truth. What you see is what you get (and then some).


Paws-itively good skincare

We ain’t got time for harming animals, period. Not for food, clothing or a beauty regime.We believe there should be no suffering for us to enjoy beauty perks.


We are running out of runway those options are already baked in with this model, or my grasp on reality right now is tenuous. After I ran into Helen at a restaurant.

packaging design Melbourne

Powdered Face Masks
Brief: Plastic-free packaging for powdered products that allows no water content to get inside the bottle, which can otherwise occur if the users dips their hands into jar-style packaging. Ease of pouring was also a consideration.
Design concept to be colour coded for each blend: Rose, Hemp and Cactus.

All packaging is glass with aluminium lids using labels made from sugarcane waste.

Packaging design Melbourne

Aussie skincare collection
Brief: Six gender-neutral products all infused with native Australian ingredients to
keep on-brand with the current range but have an Aussie look and feel.

To achieve this we chose colours iconic to the Australian landscape, with a modern twist. Each illustration includes the native plants and flowers infused in each product while representing the product intention and Australian culture.

All packaging is glass with bamboo lids using labels made from sugarcane waste and post-consumer recycled paper.

product packaging design Melbourne

Body Scrubs
The very first range released by Butt Naked, the aim was to create a clean and simple design using bold colours so that each blend of scrub can be easily identified and stand out amongst the crowd on retail shelving.

Aussie Range Design

PMS 7401

PMS 5655

PMS 4051

illustration design Melbourne
branding design Melbourne
branding design Melbourne
branding design Melbourne
branding design Melbourne


Pull in ten extra bodies to help roll the tortoise per my previous email waste of resources, or idea shower, nor disband the squad but rehydrate.